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Corbett, William—The Boston Phoenix
Corbett, William. "Selected and Otherwise: A sheaf of post-April poetry and poets." The Boston Phoenix (16 May 2008): 13.

A selection from a longer review:

Not too long ago, I was complaining to a magazine editor that small-press books don’t get reviewed in magazines and newspapers. He proposed doing an omnibus review of small-press titles, which is exactly not what I had in mind. Small-press books are just like those published by the big presses — some are bad and some good. They deserve to be looked at on their own and not as part of some publishing category. Lewis Warsh’s Inseparable: Poems 1995–2005 (Granary Books) is a book of mostly longish poems divided into numbered sections. Warsh is playing variations on the serial poem, but he is also a collagist (the cover image of jumbled cut-out alphabet letters is by him) who builds on statements that start one place and end another. These sound something like a bass line that he will suddenly break with a straight narrative — “My father shortened his name from Warshafsky. . . . ”; “Once I was a jealous husband walking down Avenue B” — that will pull you up short and concentrate your attention as the poem goes deeper than expected and, often, hits home. Warsh writes believable non sequiturs. He has a sense of humor, but he’s no ironist. It is the poems that are inseparable, one from another and section following section.

This is a selection from a longer review that considers recent books by Charles Simic, Jorie Graham, Marianne Boruch, Lewis Warsh, Geoffrey Young, the journal Parnassus and Jonathan Williams . Click here  to read the full review.

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