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Princenthal, Nancy—Art on Paper
Princenthal, Nancy. "Review of Footnotes." Art On Paper (January/February 2001): 95.

Alison Knowles's Footnotes (New York, Granary 2000, $45) is also a travelogue of sorts. Subtitled "Collage Journal 30 Years," it is, Jerome Rothenberg writes in a "pre-face," an "accounting of where her feet (and hands and mind) have taken her" over that time. Pages from the notebooks that served as Knowles's visual/conceptual diary—they include drawings, written notes, and found material—were cut out and Scotch-taped to fresh sheets of paper for this book. They were further augmented with new material collected on a recent trip to Europe and annotated with explanatory footnotes (as promised in the title). A wordwork written for Knowles by John Cage in 1992 introduces this book and establishes its character, which, in keeping with Knowles's longstanding affiliations (Fluxus, Something Else Press), is playful, epigrammatic, chancy, and incisive.

Nancy Princenthal regularly contributes this column to Art On Paper.

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