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Frontlist Books—A Girl's Life
Staff. Frontlist Books.

A graphic melodrama of romance, crime, and passion, A Girl's Life addresses adolescent angst in all of its fashionably gory details. The snares and pitfalls of contemporary life, which all girls must struggle to survive, are here revealed through darkly comic and fiendishly noir prose, accompanied by lurid collages and unusual typography.

What is a girl's life today? As a society we still prize the innocence and sweetness of girlhood and adolescence while also celebrating the seeming knowingness and budding sexuality of the Olson twins and Brittany Spears. These contrasting expectations are set against each other in Drucker and Bee's ingenious, fanciful, and dark narrative of two teens, Becki and Dawn. A Girl's Life follows Becki ("Bared belly and electrical excitement./ Celebrity crimes and fashion lurked in her daily dreams") as her aspirations for celebrity take a decidedly dark turn. Meanwhile, her more chaste best friend, Dawn, worries about looming dangers and tries to save her. In A Girl's Life, an artists' book/ poem, Drucker and Bee mix bright bouncy colors and adventurous typography with images of girls from the pages of the old Dick and Jane books and photos of the acne-free, fun-loving, and stylish teens who grace magazines like Seventeen and YM. Images also come from the covers of pulp novels and reflect the distinct noir sensibility in the text: "Ivan's voice came at her through the lime-green plastic receiver. He was a low-life creep with a touch of evil... Becki had been bit bad by the Ivan bug." The text weaves in elements of teenspeak ("Becki, her best friend for life, was in mega trouble") that play off the poetic melodrama of the story. Drucker and Bee's bewitching work is not only wonderful to look at but its dark take on a "a girl's life" is also a touching and incisive exploration of teenage life in a society of consumerism and spectacle.

Rosmarie Waldrop writes, "What happens when two brilliant avant-garde artists collaborate? A wild carnival of collage, color, design and lines like 'Decorum had its way with her.' Or: 'Her outfit ached against her thigh.' Any sentimental image of a girl's life we might have is overexposed, self-titillated, and deconstructed. It's dazzling. It's funny. It's a riot.' "

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