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Weiss, Jason—ARTNews
Weiss, Jason. "Page Turners." ARTNews 30.

A strong tension holds in a recent artist's book about books—between the glory that was Spanish bookbinding and the wear and tear of time. Yet time was also an agent in the construction of this book. Turning Leaves of Mind (Granary) began 20 years ago with Nora Ligorano's photographic documentation of the 13th- to 17th-century books in Spanish archives. Then, a year ago, she and Marshall Reese—collaborators on video books, installations, and limited-edition objects—cropped, manipulated, and arranged the photos to make them into more than discrete documents. Stitched throughout the pages of the resulting volume, brief lines and phrases by poet Gerrit Lansing speak to the enchantments of the book, to the persistence of reading even among ruins.

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