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Umbrella Review —Turning Leaves
Staff. Umbrella Reviews.

Turning Leaves of Mind by Ligorano/ Reese and Gerrit Lansing (Granary Books) is a masterpiece of design, intention, and production. This is a testament to the book as the most elegant storage and retrieval system ever devised. Nora Ligorano's documentation of Spanish bookbinding from the 13th to the 17th century is no longer a lecture, but in fact an epiphany of "gorgeous" with highlights, close-ups, and details that only a true aesthetic eye could realize into astounding abstract forms.

With the new technology of digital, the decorative bindings are transformed; by manipulation the surface ornamentation and detailed structural design of these early books become new configurations of design and more. With essence of text by Lansing, manipulated on the computer to appear as antique calligraphy, the details of "book" become more than themselves, symphonic rhapsodies and odes to hand-made, to culture, to libraries, and to codexes.

The index inside the front and back covers was written by Marshall Reese, but more than an "index," it is also a kind of poem and journal that wets the curiosity and yet interacts with one's own memories of places visited, books revised, and friendships begun and interrupted. It comes from indices in some of the books in their library, as well as poetic meanderings of a life lived in books.

We are living in an age of collaboration. We no longer can live isolated and hermetic, for the world impinges on our every move. This book is an example of true collaboration, of the artists with the book, of the poet with the artists and the book, of the three with Steve Clay of Granary Books, and an intense confluence with the reader, the no longer missing collaborator. To us, the readers, we owe the creators of this marvelous book a tribute by buying the book and giving this book and treasuring this book. Use it, read it, but do not lock this book up! It has taken almost twenty years for this book to evolve. Give it time and love it. All binders of the world should buy this book, or lovers of books should buy this book, and all librarians should buy this book!

Twenty-six of the edition of 700 have been bound by Daniel Kelm at the Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, MA, lettered and signed by the artists and poet.

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