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Turning Leaves of Mind
The Corona Palimpsest

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Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese produce installations, videotapes, artists' books, and multiples. At the Maryland Art Institute in Baltimore in the late '70s, they began working collectively with a performance-poetry-music group called CoAccident. Their first independent collaborations were two performances using book structures as props and performance sets.

In 1982, after exploring studio audio recording and video performance, Ligorano and Reese moved to Spain. Ligorano conducted research as a Fulbright fellow while both artists engaged collaboratively with single channel videos. In 1984, the artists moved to New York and continued working in video and performance. After editing Black Holes/Heavenly Bodies, a performance about religion and media, the artists began making sculptural installations combining objects with video. In 1992, they initiated the series Pure Products of America, limited edition sculptures playing with the role of politics in the age of marketing. Their multiples are available online at pureproductsusa.com.

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