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Published 2003 | 18 pp
14 1/4" x 10 1/2"

Paper over boards
Out of Print
Edition size: 1

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TXC 144
by Timothy C. Ely

"TXC 144 was made in 2003. It is a drum leaf binding, non sewn in laminated rag paper. Individual folios were split and regrouped to form new folios under visual tension The paper was treated with gelatin and acrylic resin and drawing was made using ink. graphite, pigments (Red and Black)

This shows use of one of my conventional cribriforms rollers into a wet, variegated paste field with over-drawing.

Each book in the TXC series represents an experiment of sorts. It begins with a thought assembly and once the meditation seems as complete as it can be, notations are made in plan and elevation and finally a physical model is made. If it seems righteous enough, then the model is carried out in full scale and at maximum expression.

As with all of "The Secret Books of Natural Philosophy", TXC144 samples a phenomenon, a visual syntax.  A portion of the experiment involved the use of the primary schmata--the so-called universal color scheme (P. Baldwin, 1980). In traditional societies the use of black, red (red ochre), and white and occasionally yellow ochre signaled the use of evocative 'power'; The freqencies of the invididual hues are potent and as all the colors can be found in nature, it occurs to me that it IS a universal color scheme, at least for this planet."

T.C. Ely


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Timothy C. Ely

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