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Published 2001 | 208 pp
8" x 8"

ISBN 978-1-887123-43-3
Edition size: 2000

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When Will the Book be Done? Granary’s Books
by Steven Clay

"At Granary, books are not neutral containers but are invested with a life of their own, conceived as objects first and foremost, entering the world not as the discardable shell of some other story but piping their own tunes on their own instruments... Curiously, this particular book, this book of books, provides something that no one of the books depicted possibly can. For the images and texts... make a picture not just of discreet works but also of something that cannot be contained by a book, a publisher: a publisher's aesthetic, a publisher's production." - Charles Bernstein, from the foreword

For over twenty years, Granary Books has brought together bookmakers, writers and artists to explore verbal/visual relations in the time-honored spirit of independent publishing. With a foreword by Charles Bernstein and an introduction by publisher Steven Clay, When Will the Book be Done? features complete lists and descriptions of nearly 100 artists' books, writer/artist collaborations, and books of theory pertaining to books, writing and publishing. Entries for each book are annotated with quotes from the artists and writers, critical notes, bibliographic information and full color illustrations.


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Oyster Boy Review—Books about books
Charles Bernstein—Claymation

Steven Clay
Charles Bernstein

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