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Checklist of published books prepared on the occasion of...

The Book Undone: Thirty Years of Granary Books

September 8, 2015 – January 29, 2016
Kempner Gallery
Columbia University Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Granary Publications 1985–2015

Those with an * are included in the exhibition.


1    John Locke. Books seem to me to be pestilent things.


2    Jonathan Williams. Noah Webster to Wee Lorine Niedecker.*
3    Jack Spicer. Rabbits do not know what they are.*
4    Thomas McGrath. Mediterranean.
5    Jonathan Williams. A discrete sign on the Steinway.


6     Paul Metcalf. Firebird.


7     Jonathan Williams and R.B. Kitaj. Aposiopeses: Odds & Ends.
8     Jane Brakhage. from The Book of Legends.*
9     Fielding Dawson. Basil King: Paintings From the Cards.
10   Timothy C. Ely and David Abel. Memo 7 & Other Works.


11     Walter Hamady and Steven Clay. Boxes and Collages.*
12     Ken Campbell, Steven Clay, and Susan King. Execution: The Book.
13     Barbara Fahrner. Books and Drawings.
14     John Cage, Barbara Fahrner, and Philip Gallo. Nods.*
15     Paul Zelevansky and Richard Kostelanetz. The Case for the Burial
            of Ancestors
16     Barbara Moore. Some Things Else about Something Else.*
17     Shelagh Keeley. Notes on the Body.


18     Emily Hartzell. At the Intersection of Cinema and Books.
19     Katherine Kuehn, David Abel, and Steven Clay, eds. Library: Book
            Artists’ Invitational.

20     Henrik Drescher. Too Much Bliss.*
21     Pati Scobey. The Back of Time.
22     Shelagh Keeley. A Space for Breathing.
23     Terence McKenna and Timothy C. Ely. Synesthesia.*
24     Emily Hartzell. Woman on Earth.
25     Tennessee Rice Dixon. Scrutiny in the Great Round. *


26     William Blake, Barbara Fahrner, and Philip Gallo. The Marriage of
            Heaven and Hell: A Reading and Study.
27     Barbara Fahrner. [untitled Blake broadsides].
28     Toni Dove. Mesmer: Secrets of the Human Frame.
29     Jane Sherry. Venus Unbound.*
30     Johanna Drucker. Luminous Volumes.


31     Johanna Drucker. Books: 1970–1994.
32     Buzz Spector. A Passage.*


33     Susan Bee. Talespin.
34     Ed Epping. Abstract Refuse.
35     Ric Haynes. Rejected from Mars.
36     Johanna Drucker. The Century of Artists’ Books.*
37     Holton Rower. Non.*
38     Johanna Drucker. The History of the/my Wor(l)d.*
39     Jerome Rothenberg and David Rathman. Pictures of the Crucifixion.


40     Lewis Warsh. Bustin’s Island ‘68.
41     Ligorano/Reese. The Corona Palimpsest.*
42     Kurt Schwitters, Jerome Rothenberg, and Barbara Fahrner.
            A Flower Like A Raven.

43     Johanna Drucker. The Word Made Flesh.
44     Jerome Rothenberg and David Guss, eds. The Book, Spiritual
45     Kimberly Lyons and Ed Epping. Mettle.
46     Robert Creeley and Alex Katz. Ligeia: A Libretto.


47     Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee. Little Orphan Anagram.
48     Harry Reese. Funagainstawake.
49     Anne Waldman and Susan Rothenberg. Kin.
50     Anne Waldman and George Schneeman. Homage to Allen G.*
51     Ted Berrigan and George Schneeman. In The Nam What Can

52     Joe Elliot and Julie Harrison. If It Rained Here.


53 Jane Wodening. What the Ambulance Driver Said (a story with
            sentence diagram).
54     Carolee Schneemann. Vulva’s Morphia.
55     Franz Kamin and Felix Furtwängler. The Man Who Was Always
            Standing There
56     Stefan Klima. Artists Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature.
57     David Rathman. Roar Shocks.
58     Aaron Fischer. Ted Berrigan: An Annotated Checklist.
59     Johanna Drucker. Figuring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing and
            Visual Poetics.
60     Bernadette Mayer. Two Haloed Mourners.*
61     Steven Clay and Rodney Phillips. A Secret Location on the Lower
            East Side: Adventures in Writing, 1960–1980: A Sourcebook of
62     Ed Epping. Secreted Contract.
63     Lyn Hejinian and Emilie Clark. The Traveler and the Hill
            and the Hill.
64     Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee. Log Rhythms.
65     Wendy Miller. everyday colors.


66     Jack Spicer and Fran Herndon. Golem.
67     Renée Riese Hubert and Judd D. Hubert. The Cutting Edge of
            Reading: Artists’ Books
68     Granary Books, ed. First Assembling for Tony Zwicker.*
69     Paul Celan, Pierre Joris, and Barbara Fahrner. Four Poems.*
70     Robert Creeley and Elsa Dorfman. En Famille.
71     Larry Fagin and Trevor Winkfield. Dig & Delve.
72     Kimberly Lyons. Abracadabra.*
73     Aram Saroyan. The Beatles.*
74     John Zorn, ed. Arcana: Musicians on Music.*
75     William Corbett, Michael Gizzi, and Joseph Torra, eds. The Blind
            See Only This World: Poems for John Wieners.
76     Clark Coolidge and Keith Waldrop. Bomb.*
77     Kenward Elmslie and Trevor Winkfield. Cyberspace.


78     Kenward Elmslie. Nite Soil.
79     Jerome Rothenberg and Steven Clay, eds. A Book of the Book:
            Some Works & Projections about the Book & Writing.*
80     Alison Knowles. Footnotes: Collage Journal 30 Years.*
81     Edmond Jabès, Rosmarie Waldrop, and Ed Epping. Desire for a
            Beginning Dread of One Single End.*
82     Simon Cutts. A Smell of Printing: Poems 1988–1999.*
83     Johanna Drucker. Night Crawlers on the Web.


84     Ed Friedman and Robert Kushner. Away.
85     Constance Lewallen. Joe Brainard: A Retrospective.
86     Steven Clay. When will the book be done?: Granary’s Books.*
87     Joe Brainard. I Remember.
88     Susan Howe and Susan Bee. Bed Hangings.*
89     Charles Bernstein and Jay Sanders, eds. Poetry Plastique.
90     David Antin and Charles Bernstein. A Conversation with
            David Antin.
91     Emily McVarish. Was Here.
92     bill bissett. lunaria.*
93     John Ashbery and Joe Brainard. The Vermont Notebook.*
94     John Ashbery and Joe Brainard. “If I don’t hear from you again.”
95     Robert Creeley and Archie Rand. Drawn & Quartered.
96     Lyn Hejinian. A Border Comedy.*
97     Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman, eds. Angel Hair Sleeps with a Boy
            in My Head: The Angel Hair Anthology.

98     J. Hoberman. On Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures.
99     Lewis Warsh and Julie Harrison. Debtor’s Prison.*
100    Kenneth Goldsmith. Soliloquy.*
101    Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson. The Case for Memory.
102    Gary Sullivan and Nada Gordon. Swoon.
103    Simon Pettet and Duncan Hannah. Abundant Treasures.*
104    Simon Pettet and Duncan Hannah. New Amsterdam.
105    Piero Heliczer. A Purchase in the White Botanica.
106    Jack Smith. The Beautiful Book.*
107    Leslie Scalapino and Marina Adams. The Tango.
108    Jerome Rothenberg and Charlie Morrow. Signature.


109    Johanna Drucker and Susan Bee. A Girl’s Life.*
110    Alan Loney and Max Gimblett. Mondrian’s flowers.
111    Guy Bennett and Béatrice Mousli. Charting the Here of There:
            French & American Poetry in Translation in Literary Magazines,
112    Rodney Phillips and John Jurayj. Five Poems / Five Paintings.
113    Ian Tyson. A Propos “Le Livre” (d’après Stéphane Mallarmé).*


114    Anne Tardos. The Dik-dik’s Solitude: New & Selected Works.
115    Ligorano/Reese with Gerrit Lansing. Turning Leaves of Mind.
116    Ligorano/Reese with Gerrit Lansing. Turning Leaves of Mind
            [Special Edition].
117    Ron Padgett and George Schneeman. Yodeling Into a Kotex.*
118    Thomas A. Clark and Laurie Clark. Nine Sentences on Friendship.*
119    Granary Books. Publishing Granary’s Books: A Conversation
            in the Margins.


120    Padgett, Ron, ed. Painter Among Poets: The Collaborative Art of
            George Schneeman.
121    Lyn Hejinian and Emilie Clark. The Lake.*
122    Maureen Owen and Yvonne Jacquette. Erosion’s Pull.
123    John Yau and Archie Rand. Movies as a Form of Reincarnation.
124    Bob Perelman and Francie Shaw. Playing Bodies.*


125    Lenore Malen. The New Society for Universal Harmony.
126    Emily McVarish. Flicker.*
127    Charles Bernstein and Mimi Gross. Some of These Daze.*
128    Betty Bright. No Longer Innocent.*
129    Jackson Mac Low. Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces

130    Paul Etienne Lincoln. The Purification of Fagus sylvatica
            var pendula.
131    Jerome Rothenberg and Susan Bee. The Burning Babe.*


132    Norma Cole. Collective Memory.*
133    Alison Knowles. Time Samples.*
134    Johanna Drucker. Testament of Women.
135    Alice Notley. Alma, or The Dead Women.


136    Alan Halsey and Steve McCaffery. Paradigm of the Tinctures.
137    Buzz Spector and Marjorie Welish. The Napkin and Its Double.
138    Simon Cutts. as if it is at all.
139    Simon Cutts. Some Forms of Availability.


140    Vincent Katz and Francesco Clemente. Alcuni Telefonini.*
141    Jen Bervin. The Desert.*
142    Lewis Warsh. Inseparable: poems 1995–2005.


143    Anne Waldman and Donna Dennis. Nine Nights Meditation.
144    Emily McVarish. The Square.
145    James Siena and Marjorie Welish. Oaths? Questions?*
146    John Ashbery and Trevor Winkfield. Faster Than Birds Can Fly.*


147    Leslie Scalapino and Kiki Smith. The Animal is in the World Like
            Water in Water.
148    Emily McVarish. A Thousand Several.
149    Jen Bervin. The Dickinson Composites.*
150    Nancy Kuhl. The Book Remembers Everything: The Work of
            Erica Van Horn.*


151    Kathleen Fraser and Hermine Ford. ii ss.


152    Cecilia Vicuña. Chanccani Quipu.*
153    Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson. Occasional Gematria 5:
            A Surimono for Jerome Rothenberg at 80.
154    Emily Dickinson, Jen Bervin, and Marta Werner. The Gorgeous
            Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems.*
155    John Yau and Max Gimblett. The Book of the Anonymous.*
156    Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, and Joe Brainard. Bean Spasms.
157    Johanna Drucker. Stochastic Poetics.*


158    Emily McVarish. Quickstead.


159    Edward Sanders. A Book of Glyphs.*
160    Jen Bervin. Draft Notation.*


161    Ron Padgett and Trevor Winkfield. Do the Math.
162    Jan Herman. My Adventures in Fugitive Literature.
163    Raphael Rubinstein. A Geniza.*
164    Carolyn Dunn and Kevin Killian. Eyewitness: From Black Mountain
            to White Rabbit.

Forthcoming 2015 – 2016

James Walsh. Arctic Plants of New York City.*
Steven Clay and Kyle Schlesinger, eds. Threads Talk Series.*
Jane (Brakhage) Wodening. Brakhage’s Childhood.
Marcel Broodthaers. Pense-Bête.
William Corbett and Rackstraw Downes. I Rode with the Cossacks.

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