by Kimberly Lyons


ISBN: paper: 1-887123-31-8

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Details & Incidents

It's cords of appliances that thwart
casual obfuscation of objects.
Wet forgotten laundry
& the old shed out back
where the documents are kept.
Receipts in caved-in boxes
unravels its content
as the night sheds minutes
until like a bone
bereft of the meat
our bed's surface
becomes a skating rink,
a white pail.
I slip into something more sky.
The mauve intangibility of
disturbances on the street
the fringy appearance
of old celery lost in the crisper

emotive random red bird thistle

I thought the dawn returns to you

its lava

and then pour perfect coffee

into an ugly pink & gray Montefiore Hospital mug



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