by Lyn Hejinian

ISBN 1-887123-37-7.


"Lyn Hejinian's work increasingly explores poetry's relation to knowledge... . But rather than abstract frameworks, one finds in [A Border Comedy, a serial poem in fifteen 'books'] coyotes, geese, didactic asides, horses, philosophical anecdotes, hawks, intercourse, wasps, Russian Formalist literary terms, goats, pigs, ravens, and a great deal of urinating. It is through this particularity that Hejinian invents a poetic pedagogy at home with its forgiveness to itself, poised both to topple and attain intellectual authority, happily open to its lack of totalizing system... . Situating her project more broadly within intellectual history, she writes: 'Digressing in a didactic tale will teach one to digress.' And digression, in all of its entertaining modes—the anecdote, the interpolated comment, the sudden shift of attention—is the displaced center of A Border Comedy... . One of the interesting oddnesses of the book, one that forces us to catch our breath and occasionally to huff, is that quasi-transcendental or a priori insights (often linked to continental philosophy) find their way skillfully and unpredictably into what is otherwise a radically nominalistic, context-dependent intellectual setting." —Lytle Shaw.

Printed offset.Bound in paper wrappers.Twenty six copies signed by Lyn Hejinian. 2001. 10" x 7", 218 pages, edition of 1500. ISBN 1-887123-37-7. $15.95.

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