French & American Poetry in Translation
in Literary Magazines, 1850–2002

by Guy Bennett and Béatrice Mousli


GUY BENNETT is the author of Last Words (Sun & Moon, 1998). He is also the publisher of Seeing Eye Books, a chapbook series. His translations include Carnal Love by Henri Deluy (Sun & Moon, 1996), Fur by Liliane Giraudon (Sun & Moon, 1995), Seven Visions by Sergei Paradjanov (Green Integer, 1999), & Giovanni Sandri's Hourglass (Seeing Eye Books, 1998). Selections of his work have been translated into French by Michelle Grangaud. He lives in Los Angeles.

BÉATRICE MOUSLI received her doctorate from the University of Paris-IV Sorbonne in 1993. In 1996, she published her first book, Intentions, histoire d'une revue littéraire des années vingt, as well as a number of articles on literary magazines and contributed to the recently expanding field of history of publishing. In 1997, she edited the Correspondance : Adrienne Monnier et Henri et Hélène Hoppenot, for which she received the Stendhal grant from the Ministère français des Affaires Etrangères. But her main focus throughout these years has been the writer Valery Larbaud; she has edited critical editions of his works and has written a biography, Valery Larbaud, which in 1998 was awarded the Grand Prix de la Biographie de l'Académie Française. In 2001, she published a biographical essay on Virginia Woolf (Ed. du Rocher), exploring the writing path followed by the author of A Room of One's Own. She just completed a history of the Sagittaire (to be published spring 2003), a publishing house of the entre-deux-guerres, for which she was awarded a grant from the Centre National des Lettres in 1998.

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