by Steve Clay & Rodney Phillips

A Secret Location on the Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing, 1960-1980, based on an acclaimed 1998 exhibition at The New York Public Library, documents a period of intense exploration and experimentation in American writing and literary publishing. The various strains of poetry indentified by Donald Allen in his watershed anthology The New American Poetry 1945-1960 (Grove, 1960), extended into and evolved throughout the 60s and 70s, finding expression in "underground" magazines and presses. Focusing on the small press publishing scene in San Francisco and in downtown New York City, this book offers a glimpse into that Mimeo Revolution, through descriptions and checklists for over 80 magazines and presses. Among those included are: J Magazine, Open Space, White Rabbit, Oyez, Yugen, Floating Bear, Measure, Semina, Beatitude, Black Mountain Review, Origin, Poems from the Floating World, Some/thing, Maps, Matter, Set, Something Else Press, Duende, Wild Dog, Umbra, Hambone, White Dove Review, C Press, Fuck You, Living Hand, Angel Hair, Big Sky, The World, Z, Caterpillar, United Artists, Center, 0 to 9, Lines, Adventures in Poetry, Siamese Banana, Dodgems, Vehicle, Telephone, Mag City, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Joglars,This, Tottel's, Hills, The Figures, Roof, Sun & Moon and Tuumba. With a Pre-Face by Jerome Rothenberg, contributions from many of the original editors and publishers, a chronological time-line of the literary underground, and over 200 black-and-white images, this volume is a useful guide to one of the richest periods of American writing and publishing, and an essential point of departure for students, collectors, literary historians, and librarians alike.

9" x 7," 342 pgs., over 200 b&w reproductions; ISBN: 1-887123-20-2 (paper) $27.95; 1-887123-19-9 (cloth with dust jacket) $44.95.










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