Kenward Elmslie & Tevor Winkfield


ISBN: 1-887123-33-4
$19.95 Paperback with dust jacket

Cyberspace was created in a millennial visionary frenzy by two confirmed Luddites on the cusp of Y2K. Time keeps the world from happening all at once yet in Cyberspace we are yanked into the rabbit-hole and steam-rollered by a strange-yet-familiar cosmos of simultaneity: absurd, serious, musical, noisy, cartoony, colorful, witty, satirical, theatrical and deep. Mr. Winkfield's mid-maelstrom collages are illuminated by the torch of Mr. Elmslie's brilliant (if near pathological) reinvention of the English language. Together they ask, and possibly answer, the question: "…why reinvent the wheel online via an all-pixel dream?" Cyberspace grounds us in an abundance of everything while it recreates our world in a daring act of imagination.

9 1/2" x 8 1/2", 48 pages, 1-887123-33-4, Paperback with dust jacket, $19.95.

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