by Larry Fagin & Trevor Winkfield


Vivid and colorful visual images by Winkfield and new writings by Fagin. If this is the century of artists' books then Dig & Delve is a perfect final act as it embraces the contradictions that characterize the beginnings and endings of the nineteen hundreds. Dig & Delve is a postmodern illustrated book; it tropes on the genre of the much maligned livre d'artiste, playfully dancing on the tightrope between pre-Raphaelite sensibility and radical artifice. Ultimately a happy work, Dig & Delve is optimistic, antediluvian and generous; a perfect passport to the new millennium. Mr. Winkfield's color images and Mr. Fagin's texts have been masterfully printed by Ruth Lingen at her Pooté Press in Chelsea. Judith Ivry's expert bindings were constructed in the East Village. 18 pp; bound in printed cloth over boards. Sixty-seven copies in the edition, of which 50 are for sale. $1500.

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