Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces 1955–2002
by Jackson Mac Low


ISBN 1-887123-70-9, PB. $50.00

A limited-edition hand bound edition with an original print by Tyson is also available direct from Granary Books.

Artist/Author Bios

Doings: Assorted Performance Pieces 1955–2002. Termed "America's most indefatigable experimental poet" by Publishers Weekly, Jackson Mac Low is considered a master innovator. This volume brings together a comprehensive collection of his performance scores written, drawn and composed over the past 40 years, complete with their accompanying instructions and commentary, providing a superb overview of these remarkable compositions. This collection presents facsimile reprints of the artist's handwritten as well as typographical scripts providing a striking graphic presence to the work; five of the works are here produced as hand-tipped gatefolds. The book contains recent work as well as substantial sections from the near legendary "Vocabulary Gathas" and includes a studio-quality CD of audio recordings, produced by Charlie Morrow, several of which are co-composed and co-performed by Mac Low together with his wife, the poet, composer, and visual artist Anne Tardos. Three years in the making the CD and book yield a treasure trove of much previously unpublished work contributing to a more complete picture of this maestro of the avant-garde. Doings features an introduction by publisher Steve Clay and a cover by British artist Ian Tyson. 8 1/2" x 11" 248 pp.ISBN 1-887123-70-9, PB. $50.00

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