"Becuse I know you are obsitnate and your neck is an iron sineew and your forehead brass."
(Isiah 48:4)

Monomolecular circuitry to the optic nerve.
Visual system collects information in two highly specialized sensory receptors -- the eyes.
The retinal net sends information via optic nerve to visual cortex.
Visual cortex lights up.
Data reconstructed into understandable visual images.
Stored as AV memnor, ROM package -- walking data storage.
Auditory system receptors -- the ears --
wired with biosynthetic tendrils to the auditory cortex.
Auditory cortex interprets signals and stores as AV memory,
ROM package. Biochip playback system --
vide and audio


Disorientation, dizziness, aphonia, waning or disturbance of affect,
aphasia -- word salad, jargon aphasia, disconnection syndromes,
rapid comprehension of multople input channels,
increased geographical access, increased information access,
electronic stimulation of memory and language systems.

Oh! I was floating, hovering overhead, feet never touching the ground,
porus, bird bones keeping me light in the air,
but never touching, never touching the ground.
I ate a peach and it spoke to me.
I float free -- make love like a dragonfly coupled in the air.
It's always been, or was there a before,
I kept losing my place, slipping back,
it's always here and now right this minute.
Sometimes it's dark and lights flash way in the back of my eyes
and I reach out...
but nothing's there.