Johanna Drucker

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This book is a sort of Johanna Drucker reader -- yet rather than anthologize from published books, Figuring the Word collects writings published in obscure academic and literary journals or delivered as talks or interviews. The book contains several sections (each with several chapters) including "Writing as Artifact," "Visual Poetics," "Artists' Books Past and Future," "The Future of Writing," and "Personal Writing." "Figuring the Word is a work of poetics rather than criticism or theory in that these essays are the products of doing as much as thinking, of printing as much as writing, of designing as much as researching, of typography as much as composition, of autobiography as much as theory. The mark of the practitioner-critic is everywhere present in these pieces. . . Figuring the Word is a wide-ranging collection of Drucker's essays from the early-80s to the present. Written in a variety of styles and presented in a variety of formats, the book reflects many divergent aspects of her work and thinking, while at the same time demonstrating how cohesive her project has been." -- from the "Introduction" by Charles Bernstein, Poet, Editor and David Gray Professor of Poetry and Poetics at SUNY

Paperback original. ISBN: 1-887123-23-7. $24.95.

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