by Maureen Owen and Yvonne Jacquette

Erosion's Pull is, upon first glance, possessed of a paradoxically effortless feel. It is just so stunning. Moving beyong this entrance to the book, a depth and clarity of this project emerges. Owen and Jacquette have created a work of confident lyricism, sophisticated perception, dazzling simplicity, and childlike wonder. The "pull" is felt viscerally in both the drawings and the poems; a tension between weight and buoyancy infuses the work. The swiftness of it < Jacquette's aerial drawings of landscape hover over earth, Owen's delicate poems traveling lightly across the page < generates that sense of lift. Yet, the aerial drawings are of sturdy stuff; mountainsides, ice floe, deep ravine. In tandem, the poems plumb gravity while contemplating the seriousness of daily existance. Owen concludes Erosion's Pull with a series of poems which take cues from reportage in the New York Times. While the poems rotate around thorny subjects they are also comic, ordinary, and heroic. The images are twinned to this unpretentious sensibility facilitating a mutually sensitive marriage of image and verse.

Erosion's Pull was written by Maureen Owen. The five prints in the book were made from original pastel drawings by Yvonne Jacquette. The prints were executed by Tim Evans at ImageKing in New York City on Hahnemühle Structure paper using an Epson 9500 printer. Katherine Kuehn designed the book and printed the poems letterpress on a Vandercook SP 15 using Erhardt types and Hahnemühle Ingres papers. Judith Ivry bound the books in New York City during the spring of 2004.

The edition comprises 41 copies, each signed by the poet and artist; 25 are hors commerce and 16 are for sale, $2,500.

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