by J. Hoberman

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"Reviled, rioted over, and banned as pornographic—even as it was recognized as an unprecedented visionary masterpiece—Jack Smith's 1963 Flaming Creatures is the most important and influential underground movie ever released in America. J. Hoberman's monograph details the creative making and legal unmaking of this extraordinary film, a source of inspiration for artists as disparate as Andy Warhol, Federico Fellini and John Waters, as well as a scandal taken as far as the United States Supreme Court, described by its maker as 'a comedy set in a haunted movie studio.'

"The story of Flaming Creatures is augmented with a dossier of personal recollections, relevant documents and remarkable, previously unpublished on-set photographs. Expanding on notes originally prepared for the 1997 Jack Smith retrospective at the American Museum of the Moving Image, the monograph includes further material on Mr. Smith's unfinished features—Normal Love and No President—and shorter film fragments, as well as on a few of his preferred Hollywood movies." —J. Hoberman.

Printed offset. Bound in paper wrappers. Illustrated in color and black & white.

2001. 10" x 7". 144 pages, edition of 2000.
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