college journal 30 years

by Alison Knowles


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"The work that Alison Knowles has given here is a personal kunstkammer—a treasure house of words and images that underlie an art that she has made and taken with her on a journey through and over many worlds. That journey now covers a span of thirty years and more. As such it links with a history of what has been—in the time that she and we share—an adventure in making and extending art as it was understood before her." —Jerome Rothenberg, from the Pre-face

This work is a collection of collage pages made from the contents of thirty years of small, red travel books, pasted up and redrawn. The setting migrates from Japan to Cologne and back always to New York City. Ideas jotted down and friends' conversations overheard are a loosely woven context for these delicate pencil drawings and collages. The book will accompany an exhibition by the author at the Emily Harvey Gallery in October 2000.

"Once upon a time Jim Tenney and I went walking in the woods. We came to a clearing and there under a tree was an arrangement of toy locomotives in the middle of nowhere. Pausing, we mused where are they going, where have they been?" —Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles was born in New York City in 1933, and graduated from the Pratt Institute of Fine Arts in Brooklyn. In the 60s she worked for Something Else Press doing silkscreens and was associated with the Fluxus movement. Her installation The Big Book was realized in New York and toured Canada and Europe before finally collapsing in California in the mid-seventies. Her second walk-in book, The Book of Bean, opened in Venice in 1983. Her computer-instigated dwelling, The House of Dust, is on permanent display in California. Her other titles include Bread and Water, Spoken Texts, and A Bean Concordance.

ISBN: Paper: 1-887123-35-0. 10"x 7" : 119 full color reproductions, $45

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