by Julie Harrison & Joe Elliot

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If It Rained Here, a book of digital images by Julie Harrison and text by Joe Elliot, is an "investigation and celebration of the natural world. Abstract in mode and collagist in method, the book holds up a mirror, not to reflect what we see, but to fracture, crop, and reassemble it. Thus, while parts of images come from and may hint at a variety of life-forms, these are not pictures of cells and embryos and water per se, but of the elemental principles and forms behind these phenomena. " —JH & JE

The images originated from video produced at the Experimental Television Center, then captured and enhanced with a computer, and printed on the Epson Stylus XL by the artist. Elliot's text was excerpted from longer works and/or created in response to the images.

Binding by Daniel Kelm and staff at The Wide Awake Garage. Cover printed by hand in four colors by Elliot at Soho Letterpress.

8 3/4" x 10 3/4"; 40 copies. 10 hors commerce, 30 for sale. $2.000.

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