by Joe Brainard

ISBN: 1-887123-48-2


Author/Artist Bio

Our reprint of this classic is issued in conjunction with the exhibition Joe Brainard: A Retrospective. In 1970, Angel Hair Books published the first edition of I Remember<700 copies that quickly sold out. Brainard wrote two subsequent volumes for Angel Hair, More I Remember (1972) and More I Remember More (1973), both of which proved as popular as the original. In 1973, the Museum of Modern Art published Brainardıs I Remember Christmas, a new text for which he also contributed a cover design and four drawings. Excerpts from the Angel Hair editions appeared in Interview, Gay Sunshine, The World, and The New York Herald. In 1975, Full Court Press jumped at the chance to issue a revised version, which collected all three of the Angel Hair volumes and added new material, using the original title I Remember. The most recent edition was published by Viking Penguin in 1994.

"I don't remember the genesis of I Remember, but as soon as Joe Brainard showed the initial version to friends and read it in public, everyone immediately recognized that he had happened onto something wonderful, and many of us wondered why we hadn't thought of such an obvious ideaS.Joe's originality came from the fresh way he looked at things. He saw straight through complexity and preconception to the clear and obvious. Instead of writing an autobiography or memoir, neither of which he was interested in doing, he simply wrote more than 1,000 brief entries that begin with the words "I remember." —Ron Padgett

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