by bill bissett

From the pages of bill bissett's Lunaria come moments filled with searching and illumination. Sights and experiences from "les moon rayze" to "happeeness in ths short life" are woven into expressive drawings and explorations of language. "[In bill bissett's books] the surface is not contextualized—it is not a surface of, under, or around anything—but the flow of force itself, obliterating insides and outsides, and freeing writing from the domain of the categorical....The books are not to be conceived solely from the viewpoint of their utility, but also from their character as flow, intensity and force: the urge of the words through and between the books, as if language, whilst inhering in their formats, releases a non-verbal energy above their surface." —Steve McCaffery, "Bill Bissett: A Writing Outside Writing."

"spellings changing as nuance implikaysyuns shift altr retain its theyr xpressiv being yes langwage also not statik diffrent spellings reflekting elusidating different ranges ovr time it being plural parts uv itselvs resonate mor enchance partik ularize mor aspekts uv the shiftings uv kours creating manee aspekting awarenesses espeshulee uv thos realms wch ar not offishulee in th statements thru th spelling behaving mor n mor phoentikalee we can see demonstraysyuns uv how peopul oftn dont reelee meen what they ar saying n sew on inklude othr radikalee diffrent opsyuns sum evn kontra dicktoree 2 or with th surface meenings sew that th voisings radiate n within spreding in2 a largr hemispheer..." —bill bissett, from an interview with Adeena Karasick.

Printed letterpress then handpainted and signed by bill bissett. Bound in cloth over boards. $4,000

11" x 81/2" 88 pages, edition of 40.

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