by Wendy Miller

everyday colors takes its name from Martha Stewart's line of house paint at K-Mart. Floating paint chips, attached to the pages with velcro, reference the vocabularies of both modernist abstract painting and everyday domestic life. Images in the book are constructed from materials such as sponge, sandpaper, smoke, topographical paper from Thailand, onion prints, hand prints and fabric. "Working with the formal language of abstract painting and elements from popular culture, I treat the book as a container for a multitude of raw to refined experiences. Humor, key to appreciating and working with the chaos that permeates our life, pervades the book as does the uplifting and purifying power of color, space and adornment." The cover image is based on the four gates of a Buddhist mandala. Throughout the book the use of color as temperature is inspired both by Buddhist practice and early abstract painting. The healing and cleansing role of color and adornment in the book references rituals and customs common in India as does the repeated curvaceous line form which is derived from rangolis, the intricately patterned designs drawn with powdered pigments by women each morning on the threshold of their dwelling to purify, honor and protect their house and the earth. everyday colors playfully engages the rousing drama of everyday life.

The edition comprises sixteen copies each of which was drawn, painted and assembled by the artist in her studio in New York's East Village during the summer of 1998. Barbara Mauriello made the bindings. Of the sixteen copies, six were hors commerce and ten were for sale. Out-of-Print.

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