by Piero Heliczer

Author's Bio

PIERO HELICZER was born in Rome, Italy in 1937 and died in Preaux du Perche, France in 1993. He was the author of several books including & I Dreamt I Shot Arrows in My Amazon Bra and The First Battle of the Marne, both of which were printed and published by his own press, the dead language. The Soap Opera, a collection with illustrations by Andy Warhol, Wallace Berman, Jack Smith and others, was published in London by Trigram Press in 1967. A talented actor (he was a child star in Il Piccolo Tucci and Bengasi) Heliczer had a role in Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures. Also a filmmaker, he made such underground movies as Satisfaction, Venus in Furs, Joan of Arc (in which Andy Warhol had a role) and the unfinished three-hour epic Dirt. Heliczer was a seminal figure in sixties underground culture in NYC, London, Amsterdam and Paris. A Purchase in the White Botanica, edited by longtime friends and collaborators Gerard Malanga and Anslem Hollo, brings back into print all of his published poetry and is supplemented w ith an extensive illustrated biographical interview with Heliczer's half-sister Marisabina Russo-Stark, conducted by Malanga.


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