by Simon Cutts


Simon Cutts, writer, artist, designer and founder of Coracle Press and Gallery, offers a generous helping of recent writing in this collection of poems, 1988-1998. Within the pages one finds "addendum erratum," a bookmark with a poem (loose within), as well as "an ode for the recovery of an olympia 66 typewriter" and "The Rubber Stamp Mini Printer Series 1." Mr. Cutts's approach to the tradition of printing, a subject and field that this book shows has played a significant part in his life, is both serious and personal while maintaining a playful attitude. His language is spare and vivid, often illuminating small details within a simple line and quickly presenting an idea or moment. The poems within these pages offer a glimpse into a life that admires a printing press as much as the natural world and a page with words as much as the personal world.

"Every once in awhile Simon Cutts makes a pure and simple poem (nothing is pure and nothing is ever simple, so what?)

Co-published with Coracle Press. Printed offset. Notchbound in paper wrappers with dustjacket.

2000. 7" x 51/2", 96 pages, Edition of 500. ISBN:1-887123-39-9.$15.00

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