by Kenneth Goldsmith

ISBN 1-887123-53-9


"If every word spoken in New York City daily were somehow to materialize as a snowflake, each day there would be a blizzard." —Kenneth Goldsmith.

Soliloquy, a written record of every word spoken by artist, web designer and DJ Kenneth Goldsmith during one week, debuted as a text installation in 1997. Presenting all of one man's words in a continuous, abstract stream, the work inspired self-examination by both artist and viewers. In this book version, language is concrete as well as arranged. The collection of words is divided into seven "acts" through which the structure and sequence of Mr. Goldsmith's days becomes evident. "Confronted with the clutter of 'real' speech (not to mention its content, which might prove more embarrassing than its stammers and mumbles), we realize that we all sound a bit like George Bush. This originating concept may be simple, but the end result is a complex provocation on language and visuality, documentary, autobiography, and the elusive relation between an individual's speech and the linguistic patterns of a particular social milieu... . By choosing to cast Soliloquy as both installation and book, Goldsmith is drawing attention to the fact that reading and looking are not equivalent activities." —Gordon Tipper, zingmagazine.

Printed offset. Bound in paper wrappers. 2001. 8 1/4" x 5 1/2", 489 pages, edition of 1500. $17.95

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