October 1, 1962

This is an ode to Horace Stoneham and Walter O'Malley.
Who has driven me away from baseball like a fast car. Say
It isn't true Joe. 
This is an ode to John Wieners and Auerhahn Press
Who have driven me away from poetry like a fast car. Say
It isn't true Joe. The fix
Has the same place in junkie-talk or real talk 
It is the position 
They've got you in. 
The Giants will have a National League playoff. Duncan 
Will read his poems in Seattle. 
Money (I forgot the story but the little boy after it all was 
            over came up to Shoeless 
Joe Jackson) Say it isn't true Joe. 

I have seen the best poets and baseball players of our 
            generation caught in the complete and contemptible 
            whoredom of capitalist society 
Jack Johnson 
At last shaded the sun from his eyes. 
                                                                         A fix 
You become fixtures like light 
Balls. Drug 
Habit Walter O'Malley, Horace Stoneham, do you suppose 
somebody fixed Pindar and the Olympic Games? 


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