by Leslie Scalopino and Marina Adams

ISBN: 1-887123-41-5.

"The Tango is a collaboration between poet, Leslie Scalapino, and artist, Marina Adams. The serial poem, by Leslie Scalapino, places conceptual phenomena—such as roses and language-subjectivity—together as if they are materials by being text only. The text is juxtaposed, as it transpires on its own separately alongside, vertically, a series of photographs occurring in the order in which they were taken on the roll. The content of the photographs, taken by Scalapino, is debating monks at the Sera Monastery outside Lhasa in Tibet. Alongside text and photographs, Adams has juxtaposed painting on found material that is patterned cloth, as serial tapestry akin to Buddhist tankas as if alongside that tradition, a conceptual extension of these that is 'original.'"— Leslie Scalapino.

"Leslie Scalapino has developed great expertise in presenting a hard-edged picture of the world. We are constantly made to realize that what she's showing us is the world as we have constructed it... " —Philip Whalen.

13" x 9 3/4"; 28 pp, 39 color & 23 b/w images. ISBN: 1-887123-41-5. $29.95.

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