by Ligorano/Reese with Gerrit Lansing


NORA LIGORANO & MARSHALL REESE collaborate on installations, videotapes, artists' books and multiples. Their work plays on the presence of television in our culture and the impact of technology and new media on society. In 2001, MIT Media Lab and the Kitchen commissioned them to make an interactive installation for the exhibition "ID/entity" which focuses on how technology has changed portraiture. Ligorano/Reese have exhibited widely in the United States and in Europe and they are currently working on a new installation for the American Craft Museum in New York.

GERRIT LANSING is a poet and scholar who lives in Gloucester, MA. His writing has been collected in Heavenly Tree/Soluble Forest (Talisman House, 1995) which Compound Eye called "A quintessential book of poetry, representative of all the impulses that lead us to and snag uson lyric."

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