by Ligorano/Reese with Gerrit Lansing


ISBN: paper: 1-887123-60-1. $34.95.

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Turning Leaves of Mind by New York-based artist team Ligorano/Reese and poet Gerrit Lansing is a full-color conceptual essay and artists' book based on photo documentation of Spanish bookbinding from the 13th to the 18th century. Nora Ligorano's photo research of ancient books from the major libraries and archives of Spain is subtly transformed into abstracted objects. The artists enlarge, crop, and manipulate the images to recontextualize the surface ornamentation and structural design of these early books. Marshall Reese and Gerrit Lansing's poetic text interposes the exquisite visual elements creating a meditation on the word and writing. Turning Leaves of Mind is a testament to the book as the most elegant information storage and retrieval mechanism ever invented.

2003. ISBN 1-887123-60-1. $34.95 PB. 8"x 8" 80 pp

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