by Ron Padgett and George Schneeman

Yodeling into a Kotex is a facsimile limited-edition book by Ron Padgett and George Schneeman. This book, originally a one-of-a-kind collaboration produced in 1969, is a near perfect example of classic New York School spontaneity hitting fierce intellect.

Yodeling is a miscellany of handwritten stanzas: found text, drawing, empasto, and images from pollyannaish advertisements, dimple-cheeked children's books, wallpaper swatches, personal photos and charming illustrations. Schneeman's signature nervy refinement meets, what Tom Clark described as, Padgett's "Audacity and grace go[ing] hand in hand with heady rumination, deadpan wit and a thrilling, slightly sinister proclivity for the unexpected." Inkjet prints of the original book were created on the Epson 10000 by Digital Plus, NYC and printed on Epson watercolor paper.

The bindings were made by Judith Ivry in New York City. 8 1/2" x 5 3/4" — 26 pages. 41 copies signed by the artists in the edition, 1-25 for sale, 26-41 hors commerce. $1200 US.

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