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Granary Books is pleased to announce

The Larry Goodell / Duende Archive

The Larry Goodell / Duende Archive is a unique record of the thriving poetry and small press cultures of the Southwest (and New Mexico in particular) from the early 1960s to the present. This rich trove of materials emerges from and documents key moments of the burgeoning Mimeograph Revolution.

Above: The Fervent Valley editors on road by the Thunderbird Bar in Placitas: Larry Goodell, Lenore Goodell, Stephen Rodefer, Bill Pearlman and Charlie Vermont (photo by Wayne Jones).

The widespread movement of small presses and little magazines was bolstered by the Vancouver and Berkeley Poetry Conferences of 1963 and 1965. Larry Goodell attended both and he became, like many of his fellow attendees, a poet / publisher (others include Clark Coolidge and Michael Palmer [Joglars], Jonathan Green [Gnomon], and Fred Wah, who was living in Albuquerque at the time, [Sum]).

In many ways this literary culture is similar to others throughout the United States. However, as Robert Creeley wrote in his forward to New Mexico Poetry Renaissance (Red Crane Books, 1994): “The generalities quickly blur. Poetry is, if anything, literally specific to place and person alike. Perhaps the very fact of New Mexico’s amplitude means one has to find a way to anchor, or else disappear.”

Poetry for me is making things, at least making things happen, so that a 
3-dimensional poetry is possible and the ancient voices of ceremony are given voice . . . and in a time of cold-shouldering big publishers I advocate the Poet as Publisher.          — Larry Goodell

The archive contains a complete collection of Duende Press publications, plus all the extant press documents including correspondence, manuscripts, and business records. The archive also includes selections from Larry Goodell’s library of books, pamphlets, broadsides, reading flyers and ephemera, recordings and much more. Together, these materials provide a detailed chronicle of the inner workings of one of the central magazines of the mimeograph period.

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I Rode with the Cossacks
by William Corbett and Rackstraw Downes

Full-color paperback, $15.00

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The Arctic Plants of New York City
by James Walsh

Cloth over boards with slipcase, 9 1/8 x 12 1/8 inches, 96 pp.
34 for sale from an edition of 40 signed copies.
Price: $3,850

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Threads Talk Series

Threads Talk Series
Edited by Steve Clay and Kyle Schlesinger

Paperback, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-88-712384-6
Co-published with Cuneiform Press

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By Marcel Broodthaers

Wrappers, 8 5/8 x 11 5/8” 32 pp
Hand-made facsimile edition of 100 of which 75 are for sale
Price: $2,000

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Granary Books is pleased to offer for sale

The Ed Sanders Archive

Including the Fugs, Peace Eye Bookstore, Fuck You/ A Magazine of the Arts, Allen Ginsberg, d.a. levy, Claude Pélieu, John Sinclair and so much more

The Ed Sanders Archive is a remarkable record of the legendary poet, writer, editor, publisher, activist, Fugs founder and icon of American counterculture. It begins with his first poems written while he still lived in Missouri (1955) and encompasses all of his expansive life and career emanating from a secret location on the Lower East Side.
The archive is an incomparable resource that allows for the exploration into Sanders' seminal contributions to the Mimeo Revolution and American poetry, his legacy in the underground and counterculture, his political activism as well as his music. Ed Sanders organized the archive over a 10-year period and prepared a detailed finding aid.
Rumors of this vast trove have long circulated among poets, scholars, librarians, and fans.

Photo top: Ed Sanders backstage at the Fillmore East with his friend Janis Joplin, March 8, 1968. Above, left: Ed Sanders “flashing a mudra” taught to him by Allen Ginsberg in 1964.  Above, right: “Ed Sanders, a leader of New York's Other Culture.” Life, February 17, 1967.

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