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Published 2001 | 36 pp
13" x 9 1/2"

Cloth over boards
ISBN 978-1-887123-37-2
Edition size: 40

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Abundant Treasures
by Simon Pettet, Duncan Hannah

" 'Quanto é possente amor!' (How powerful love is!)—the result of tenacity and belief? Abundant Treasures. No, simply what actually exists. Abundant Treasures, wake up and it's already there. Abundant Treasures, a collaboration between Anglo-Americans and cosmic citizens Simon Pettet and Duncan Hannah. A book of devotions. A book of scripture. A book that doesn't take itself too seriously. Abundant Treasures. Being the outcome of strict attention and utter neglect. Abundant Treasures. Being a series of some exhortations and admonitions. Abundant Treasures. A set. Some good will come from this. Abundant Treasures. Microcosm macrocosm. Abundant Treasures. Somewhere there is the image of petals unfolding. Abundant Treasures... Considerate. Fundamental. Refreshing. Sustaining. Abundant Treasures.' " - Simon Pettet

"Simon Pettet and I began our project Abundant Treasures back in 1994. We were fans of each other's work and shared a love of Joe Brainard, the Beats, Balthus, and industrial England. Simon gave me thirty poems to work form and we narrowed it down to sixteen. It was an easy marriage between his text and my images, such as the recurring motif of reading and the theme of fletting beauty, dear to both of us." - Duncan Hannah

Designed by Duncan Hannah with Julie Harrison and Steve Clay. Printed letterpress by Inge Bruggeman, then handcolored by Duncan Hannah. Bindings by Judith Ivry. Signed by Simon Pettet and Duncan Hannah. 15 hors commerce, 25 for sale.


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Simon Pettet
Duncan Hannah

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