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Published 1999 | 80 pp
8 1/4" x 6 1/4"

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ISBN 978-1-887123-26-6
Edition size: 2,000

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En Famille
by Robert Creeley, Elsa Dorfman

"Robert Creeley and Elsa Dorfman bring us the real news of the different ways the word 'family' has been made to leap beyond its lexical meanings. Poet and photographer register how family is being re-envisioned by those who live as individuals within a 'securing center'. Beginning with, and subverting, 'I wandered lonely as a cloud', William Wordsworth's quintessential Romantic image of the self, Creeley writes a poem whose formal structure, its interlocking, echoing pattern of rhymed quatrains, challenges our assumptions about the legacy of Romantic and Modernist poetry. It is not that their legacy or the family should endure in some rigid manner; it's that they have changed and are changing still." - John Yau, poet & critic, author of Active Participant: Robert Creeley and the Visual Arts

Designed by Philip Gallo. Printed offset. Bound in paper over boards.


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Robert Creeley
Elsa Dorfman

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