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Published 1995 | 30 pp
11 3/4" x 6 1/2"

Cloth over boards
ISBN 978-1-887123-07-5
Edition size: 130

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Pictures of the Crucifixion
by Jerome Rothenberg, David Rathman

"[Rathman's work] is primitive... with figural distortions and patterning spill across the page, creating an undeniable undercurrent of rhythm and energy." - Curator Betty Bright

"I am not interested in illustration per se, as much as I am in illuminating the text. I try simultaneously to contrast and harmonize the visual imagery with the text—to distill the spirit of the writing and then amplify it." - David Rathman, Illuminating the Text

Pictures of the Crucifixion
pairs eight lucid poems, seven of them previously unpublished, by the acclaimed poet Jerome Rothenberg, a pioneer in the fields of performance poetry and ethnopoetics, with five vivid drawings by David Rathman, a painter whose works are deeply influenced by writing.

Designed and printed letterpress by Philip Gallo at The Hermetic Press. Bound in cloth over boards by Jill Jevne. All copies signed by Jerome Rothenberg and David Rathman. 30 hors commerce, 100 for sale.


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Jerome Rothenberg
David Rathman

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