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Published 2000 | 48 pp
9 1/2" x 8 1/2"

ISBN 978-1-887123-33-4
Edition size: 3,000

Paperback - $75.00
Edition size: 26 signed

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by Kenward Elmslie, Trevor Winkfield

Cyberspace, by Kenward Elmslie and Trevor Winkfield, was created in a millennial visionary frenzy by two confirmed Luddites on the cusp of Y2K. Time keeps the world from happening all at once, yet in Cyberspace we are yanked into the rabbit-hole and steam-rollered by a strange-yet-familiar cosmos of simultaneity: absurd, serious, musical, noisy, cartoony, colorful, witty, satirical, theatrical, and deep. Winkfield's mid-maelstrom collages are illuminated by the torch of Elmslie's brilliant (if near pathological) reinvention of the English language. Together they ask, and possibly answer, the question: "why reinvent the wheel online via an all-pixel dream?" Cyberspace grounds us in an abundance of everything while it recreates our world in a daring act of imagination.

Designed by Julie Harrison and Trevor Winkfield. Printed offset in color. Bound in paper wrappers with jacket. Edition of 3,000, with 26 copies signed by Mr. Elmslie and Mr. Winkfield.


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Cover large
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Kenward Elmslie
Trevor Winkfield

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