The Year in Books 2001

From 1966-1978, poets Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh edited the magazine Angel Hair (six issues from 1966-69) and published more than 60 low-tech, high-quality books, chapbooks and literary salvos from their Lower East Side press of the same name. The two poets have returned to their youths to cull angel hair sleeps with a boy in my head: The Angel Hair Anthology, which collects work from press and magazine, representing such poets as John Ashbery, Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, Barbara Guest, Joanne Kyger, Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, John Wieners and 62 others. The book is a beautifully produced snapshot of an extraordinary time and place in American poetry. (Granary [D.A.P., dist.], $44.95 660p ISBN 1-887123-504; $28.95 paper -49-0)

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