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Granary is a dealer in literary and art archives and libraries from the sixties forward. We work to place such collections into important institutional libraries and have worked with dozens of writers, artists, publishers toward this end.

Clients include: Ed Sanders, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Ed Dorn, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Anselm Hollo, Michael Lally, Gerrit Lansing, Kit Robinson, Johanna Drucker, David Bromige, Bottle of Smoke Press, John Furnival, Norma Cole, Kevin Killian, Dodie Bellamy, Douglas Crase, Pierre Joris, Susan Stewart, Barbara Henning and Long News in the Short Century (literary magazine archive), Summer Brenner, Charles North, Paul Violi, Don Byrd, Susan Bee, Trevor Winkfield, Arthur Sze, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, John Koethe, Edith Schloss Burckhardt, Michael Gizzi, Kenward Elmslie, Gloria Frym, Douglas Woolf, Joe Brainard, Larry Goodell/Duende, The Robert C. Morgan Conceptual Art Collection, Patty Oldenburg, Maureen Owen, Blind Date (literary magazine archive), Janet Hamill, Andrew Schelling, Turtle Point Press, Bardo Matrix/Ira Cohen/Gnaoua/Dana Young, Michael Heller, Lewis Warsh, Robert Dash, Richard Foreman (Ontological-Hysteric Theater), Thom Gunn, Maggie Paley, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church (literary organization archive), Woodland Pattern (literary organization archive), Jerome Rothenberg, David Antin, Charles Bernstein, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E (literary magazine archive), Lawrence Alloway, Tony Zwicker, Kathleen Fraser, Robert Creeley, Ninja Press, Carolee Schneemann, Benny Andrews, Leslie Scalapino, Ann Lauterbach, Clark Coolidge, Ray DiPalma, Marjorie Welish, Susan Howe, Bernadette Mayer, Jane Wodening, M/E/A/N/I/N/G (art journal archive), Journal of Artists’ Books (art journal archive), A.I.R. (art gallery archive), Burning Deck Press, Ron Padgett, Joanne Kyger, and Susan King.

Placements include: The Library of Congress, Beinecke Library at Yale University, Butler Library at Columbia University, Fales Library at NYU, Mandeville Special Collections Library at UCSD, Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, Berg Collection at New York Public Library, John Hay Library at Brown University, Lilly Library at Indiana University, Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Green Library at Stanford University.

Please contact us if you wish to offer or acquire such material.

Recent Archives:

The Kathy Acker Collection

The jacket copy for Chris Krauss’s After Kathy Acker describes her best:

“Rich girl, street punk, lost girl and icon ... scholar, stripper, victim and media-whore: The late Kathy Acker’s legend and writings are wrapped in mythologies, created mostly by Acker herself.”

The collection comprises many rarities, including complete sets of her three serial novels (one with letters to Black Sparrow publisher John Martin); her very scarce first book, Politics, self-published in San Diego in 1972; an original manuscript for a never-published story, Bondage & Discipline in New York City (1976); a first edition of Great Expectations (Re/Search, 1982), as well as copies of nearly all of her published books, together with assorted ephemera.

The collection is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here

The Steve McCaffery Archive

The Archive offers a distinct opportunity for rich scholarly exploration into concrete, sound, and language poetry through published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, journals, sketchbooks, audio/video recordings and ephemera.

“Though he would be among the first people to point out the inherent problems with the terminology, poet and scholar Steve McCaffery is one of the major architects of postmodern Canadian literature and was a major player in the Canadian avant-garde of the 1970s. With fellow poet bpNichol, he formed the Toronto Research Group in 1973 ... With Nichol, Paul Dutton and Rafael Barreto-Rivera, McCaffery also formed the highly influential sound poetry collective, The Four Horsemen.

McCaffery’s writing, both creative and critical, is concerned to some extent with going beyond the sentence and the word, beyond syntax.”

— Ryan Cox, “Trans-Avant-Garde: An Interview with Steve McCaffery,” Taxi Online Edition, Winter 2007/2008

The collection is available; you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here

The Little Magazine in America, mid-1950s – mid-1980s:
A Collection from the Golden Age of the Small Press Mimeo Revolution

This collection documents, with great breadth and depth, the intellectual, spiritual, and material diversity of poet-driven publishing in the US and, to a lesser extent, Canada and the UK from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s.

The present collection has emerged in tandem with our ongoing projects to chronicle and archive the proliferation of avant-garde underground small press publications, including the acclaimed New York Public Library exhibition and book A Secret Location on the Lower East Side, curated and written by Steve Clay and Rodney Phillips, as well as our new expanded resource website, From a Secret Location, launched in January 2017 by Granary Books.

The collection includes a strong representation of seminal works from various movements and groupings such as the New York School, British Poetry Revival, Beats, Black Mountain, San Francisco Renaissance, Ethnopoetics, Black Arts, Venice West, Meat poets, Wichita Vortex, and Language poets. Concrete and visual poetry is also well represented.

The collection comprises more than 500 separate titles and more than 4,200 items. More than half of the 500 titles are in complete or all-but-complete runs. The magazines are largely drawn from the private libraries and collections of a wide range of poets, editors, and publishers.

The collection presents a remarkable opportunity for scholarly investigation into a range of disciplines, including: poetry and poetics, small presses, poet and publishing communities, print and design history, and counterculture studies.

The collection is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here

Poem on the Page: A Collection of Broadsides

Presented by Granary Books and Jeff Maser, Bookseller

Broadsides proliferated during the small press and mimeograph era as a logical offshoot of poets assuming control of their means of publication. When technology evolved from typewriter, stencil, and mimeo machine to moveable type and sophisticated printing, broadsides provided a site for innovation with design and materials that might not be appropriate for an entire pamphlet or book; thus, they occupy a very specific place within literary and print culture.

Poem on the Page: A Collection of Broadsides includes approximately 500 broadsides from a diverse range of poets, printers, designers, and publishers. It is a unique document of a particular aspect of the small press movement as well as a valuable resource for research into the intersection of poetry and printing.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

The Robert C. Morgan Conceptual Art Collection of Correspondence, Interviews, Artists’ Books, Monographs, Catalogs, and Ephemera
Featuring John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Sol LeWitt, and Lawrence Weiner

Robert C. Morgan (b. 1943) is an internationally renowned American art critic, art historian, curator, lecturer, poet, and painter. He completed his dissertation, “The Role of Documentation in Conceptual Art: An Aesthetic Inquiry,” at New York University (School of Education) in 1978. It was the first dissertation on Conceptual Art in the U.S. and was later rewritten, updated and published as Conceptual Art: An American Perspective (McFarland & Company, 1994).

The present collection springs from Morgan’s assiduous research and writing, and provides copious evidence of and discerning insight into the enduring phenomenon of Conceptual art, with particular attention to Lawrence Weiner, Robert Barry, Peter Downsbrough, John Baldessari, Dan Graham, Douglas Huebler, Seth Siegelaub, Allan Kaprow, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, and Ed Ruscha, to name a few. The collection includes artists’ books, monographs, catalogs, cards, posters, recordings, correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, and so forth, and represents the work of more than 100 artists, writers, curators, and editors.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

The Something Else Press Collection
Featuring John Cage, Alison Knowles, Merce Cunningham, Emmett Williams, Gertrude Stein, Claes Oldenburg, Ruth Krauss, Diter Rot and many others

Designed, edited, and produced by Dick Higgins, the Something Else Press books contained offbeat and avant-garde writing in a neat and tidy, yet quirky and distinctive form. The press began in 1964 following Higgins’ break with Fluxus founder George Maciunas and embodied many of the concerns of the then nascent art movement.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Poetry Reading Flyers of the Mimeograph Revolution

Poetry reading flyers are transitory by nature — quickly printed, locally distributed, easily discarded and thus frequently overlooked by scholars and curators when researching and documenting literary activities. They appear from time to time as fleeting one-offs in archives and collections, yet when viewed in the context of a large group these seemingly ephemeral objects take on significance as primary documents.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

The Granary Books Language Writing Collection

The Granary Books Language Writing Collection comprises approximately 1,200 items including books, pamphlets, magazines, broadsides, manuscripts, letters, and ephemera, presenting a rigorous and comprehensive survey of the most influential American avant-garde literary development of the last 50 years. The Collection chronicles the group’s inception in the seventies, maturation in the eighties, and influence through the nineties and beyond, and provides the basis for in-depth scholarly research in recent experimental poetry and poetics; literary production and community; and independent small press publishing. The work of nearly 50 poets central to Language Writing has been collected along with more than 50 runs of little magazines associated with the movement.

The archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

A John Furnival Archive
Featuring: Concrete Poetry and Mail Art

John Furnival studied at the Royal College of Art from 1957–60. In the 60s and 70s he taught at Gloucestershire College of Art and at the Bath Academy of Art, Corsham. In 1964, he and Dom Sylvester Houédard began the seminal concrete poetry press, Openings, which published Augusto de Campos, Richard Kostelanetz, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tom Phillips, Edwin Morgan, Houédard, Furnival and others. In 1965 he was included in the “First International Exhibition of Experimental Poetry” as well as the “Between Poetry and Painting” exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), curated by Jasia Reichardt.

John Furnival’s essential role and his many contributions to the international concrete poetry movement is reflected by his inclusion in nearly all survey exhibitions and reference works on the genre.

Furnival has also been an active participant in the international mail art movement since the 60s as well as a frequent collaborator with his many artist and writer friends including Ian Hamilton Finlay and Henri Chopin. Perhaps his best-known collaboration was with Jonathan Williams, which resulted in, among other projects, “Letters to the Great Dead,” an expansive text/image series of prints begun in the early 1980s and completed only after Williams’s death in 2008.

The archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Ira Cohen: The Bardo Matrix, Gnaoua, and The Great Society
featuring Angus MacLise, Jack Smith, and Piero Heliczer.
An archive of manuscripts, correspondence, artwork, photographs, production materials, and other documents primarily related to Ira Cohen’s publishing ventures in Tangier and Kathmandu in the 1960s and 1970s, offering a unique glimpse into the workings of a psychedelic expatriate community of poets, musicians and artists.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Dana Young Archive
Featuring Brion Gysin, Charles Henri Ford, Ira Cohen, Ray Johnson, David Rattray, Harold Norse, and the Bardo Matrix.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Edith Schloss Burckhardt Archive
Featuring: Rudy Burckhardt, Edwin Denby, Francesca Woodman, and Alvin Curran

Avant-garde composer and musician Alvin Curran has written about his meeting with artist, writer, and critic Edith Schloss Burckhardt during his first years in Rome:

"In that same settling-in period I met Edith Schloss, an Offenbach-born New York painter just divorced from photographer-painter Rudy Burckhardt. She arrived on a cloud of combustible materials which included the entire New York Abstract Expressionist movement, the Cedar Bar, Art News, MOMA, the Art Students League and Balanchine Stravinsky the Carters Edwin Denby de Kooning Twombly Feldman Cage Brown Rothko Cunningham Pollack her beloved Morandi and of course 'Piero' (della Francesca)..."

The Edith Schloss Burckhardt Archive offers an extraordinary opportunity for research into multiple areas of scholarship, especially unique insight into the lives and experiences of women in the art world, an American artist's expat life in Rome from the 1960s-2010s, the New York School of painters and poets, and a particularly rich and far-reaching vein of the avant-garde and experimental music world, to name a few.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

'Secret Location' Archive
The Archive from "A Secret Location" was collected by a reclusive New Jersey inventor and offers a rare glimpse into the diversity of poetic doings and material production that is the Small Press Revolution. It provides a rich gathering for framing an understanding of the various drifts, swirls, and eruptions in the poetry and art firmament of the era, including: Beat Generation, Counterculture, New York School, Venice West, San Francisco Renaissance, Wichita Vortex, Black Mountain, Mavericks, Hippies, Diggers, and related iterations that inform, incite, and inspire one another and the culture at large in ways we are only now beginning to fully grasp. 

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Patty [Oldenberg] Mucha Archive:
New York City Artworld in the Sixties & Seventies

The Patty Mucha Archive features correspondence, manuscripts, artworks, documents and ephemera from a wild index of artists, poets, dancers and performers active in the era of Pop Art, Happenings, E.A.T., Yippies and Punk including: Olga Adorno, David Bradshaw, Joe Brainard, Gregory Corso, Jean Dupuy, Bob Dylan, Kenward Elmslie, Deborah Hay, Richard Hell, Jasper Johns, Ray Johnson, Ruth Kligman, Billy Klüver, Frosty Myers, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Clarice Rivers, Larry Rivers, Lucas Samaras, Carolee Schneemann and Andy Warhol to name a few.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

The Richard Brautigan Collection from poet Joanne Kyger

Joanne Kyger’s Richard Brautigan Collection features an extraordinary archive of original artwork, inscribed books, rare ephemera and magazines, photographs, typescripts and more.

This collection is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Patti Smith featured in the Janet Hamill Archive
The Janet Hamill Archive offers a rare glimpse into the life and work of Patti Smith as seen through the letters, manuscripts, photographs and documents collected by Janet Hamill during her and Patti's 40-year-long friendship.

To the best of our knowledge, the collection contains the largest and most important gathering of unique Patti Smith archival material ever to appear on the market and includes over a thousand pages of manuscripts and typescripts relating to her National Book Award-winning memoir Just Kids; over 200 pages of correspondence with Janet dating from 1970–2005; original photographs, artwork, posters, broadsides, ephemera and a wonderful early drawing by Patti of her and Janet, created in 1966. Additionally, the archive contains extensive material that document the life and work of New York poet Janet Hamill.

This archive is sold. The prospectus is not available.

Don Byrd Archive
Featuring Charles Bernstein, Clark Coolidge, Guy Davenport, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, Susan Howe, Gerrit Lansing, Nathaniel Mackey, Paul Metcalf, Jed Rasula, and Ron Silliman

The Don Bryd Archive is especially rich in correspondence with such poets as Charles Bernstein, George Butterick, Clark Coolidge, Guy Davenport, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, Clayton Eshleman, Robert Grenier, Richard Grossinger, Susan Howe, Ken Irby, Robert Kelly, Gerrit Lansing, Nathaniel Mackey, Paul Metcalf, Jed Rasula, Ron Silliman, and Barrett Watten and as such offers the opportunity to explore ideas animating the world of poetry during the 1970s and 1980s with particular emphasis on Language Writing.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

The Douglas Crase / Frank Polach & Rupert Barneby / Dwight Ripley Archives

The Douglas Crase / Frank Polach & Rupert Barneby / Dwight Ripley Archives are interconnected archives representing the lives of four individual and remarkable men. The archives offer multiple access points into the exploration of the New York School of poets and painters, (especially its connection with the Tibor de Nagy Gallery) and aspects of the New York avant-garde (including Marie Menken, Willard Mass, Peggy Guggenheim, Clement Greenberg, Alfred Leslie, Jane Freilicher, Helen Frankenthaler, Judith Malina, John Bernard Myers, and others); the worlds of botany and gardening through two generations; and gay culture and life from 1925 on.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Michael Lally Archive

The archive contains extensive material documenting the life and work of poet, small press publisher, and actor Michael Lally. It is particularly strong in correspondence related to Lally’s involvement with the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets during their formative years and the poetry communities in Iowa City, Washington, D.C., and New York City. The diversity of the material in the archive is a reflection of the wide arc of Michael Lally's life and is also the archive’s strength.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Paul Metcalf Archive

The Paul Metcalf Archive was created and shaped primarily by poet, experimental prose writer and dramatist Paul Metcalf. It contains material that documents his life and work, and is especially illuminating of Metcalf’s creative process through its published and unpublished manuscripts and associated material.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Paul Violi Archive

The Paul Violi archive offers the opportunity to explore the life and work of poet and small press publisher Paul Violi. It is particularly strong in its illumination of the poet's creative process, especially as viewed through the lens of his unique relationship with fellow poets Tony Towle and Charles North.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

Woodland Pattern Archive

Woodland Pattern Book Center has transcended its critical role in the arts ecosystem in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to become one of the premier literary arts centers in America. The Archive is a comprehensive record of all aspects of Woodland Pattern's diverse programming and provides a rich opportunity for research and scholarship. Its holdings offer a unique insight into a wide range of topics from recent American literary performance and publishing to an in-depth view of the machinations of a grassroots non-profit arts organization.

This archive is sold but you may view the illustrated prospectus by clicking here.

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