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Granary is a dealer in literary and art archives and libraries from the sixties forward. We work to place such collections into important institutional libraries and have worked with dozens of writers, artists, and publishers toward this end.

Clients include:

Ed Sanders, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Ed Dorn, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Anselm Hollo, Michael Lally, Gerrit Lansing, Kit Robinson, Johanna Drucker, David Bromige, Bottle of Smoke Press, John Furnival, Norma Cole, Kevin Killian, Dodie Bellamy, Douglas Crase, Pierre Joris, Susan Stewart, Barbara Henning and Long News in the Short Century (literary magazine archive), Summer Brenner, Charles North, Paul Violi, Don Byrd, Susan Bee, Trevor Winkfield, Arthur Sze, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, John Koethe, Edith Schloss Burckhardt, Michael Gizzi, Kenward Elmslie, Gloria Frym, Douglas Woolf, Joe Brainard, Larry Goodell/Duende, The Robert C. Morgan Conceptual Art Collection, Patty Oldenburg, Maureen Owen, Blind Date (literary magazine archive), Janet Hamill, Andrew Schelling, Turtle Point Press, Bardo Matrix/Ira Cohen/Gnaoua/Dana Young, Michael Heller, Lewis Warsh, Robert Dash, Richard Foreman (Ontological-Hysteric Theater), Thom Gunn, Maggie Paley, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church (literary organization archive), Woodland Pattern (literary organization archive), Jerome Rothenberg, David Antin, Charles Bernstein, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E (literary magazine archive), Lawrence Alloway, Tony Zwicker, Kathleen Fraser, Robert Creeley, Ninja Press, Carolee Schneemann, Benny Andrews, Leslie Scalapino, Ann Lauterbach, Clark Coolidge, Ray DiPalma, Marjorie Welish, Susan Howe, Bernadette Mayer, Jane Wodening, M/E/A/N/I/N/G (art journal archive), Journal of Artists’ Books (art journal archive), A.I.R. (art gallery archive), Burning Deck Press, Ron Padgett, Joanne Kyger, and Susan King. 

Placements include:

The Library of Congress, Beinecke Library at Yale University, Butler Library at Columbia University, Fales Library at NYU, Mandeville Special Collections Library at UCSD, Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, Berg Collection at New York Public Library, John Hay Library at Brown University, Lilly Library at Indiana University, Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Green Library at Stanford University.

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Woodland Pattern Archive

Woodland Pattern Archive

Woodland Pattern Book Center has transcended its critical role in the arts ecosystem in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to become one of the premier literary arts centers in America. The Archive is a comprehensive record of all aspects of Woodland Pattern's diverse programming and provides a rich opportunity for research and scholarship. Its holdings offer a unique insight into a wide range of topics from recent American literary performance and publishing to an in-depth view of the machinations of a grassroots non-profit arts organization.

This archive is sold.