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Published 2004 | 377 pp
9 1/4" x 6 1/4"

ISBN 978-1-887123-69-3
Edition size: Over 10,000 copies in-print

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The Century of Artists’ Books
by Johanna Drucker

"I wrote this book... with the encouragement of Steve Clay and Brad Freeman because we saw a need for for critical work in the field of artists' books" - Johanna Drucker

"[Ms. Drucker] locates the artist's book... within every significant modern movement and draws on an extensive bibliography of scholarly references to reveal the philosophical connections among the several emerging avant-garde movements of the early 20th century... The book vastly expands our understanding... of artists' books, and establishes a more rigorous standard of criticism and analysis for the genre." - Buzz Spector, Art Journal

"This will be a major reference for all thinkers of the book for a long time." - Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella

"This work... provides both a critical analysis of the structures themselves and a basis for further reflection on the philosophical and conceptual roles they play. From codex to document, from performance to self-image, the world of artists' books is made available to student and teacher, collector and connoisseur." - Paula Frosch, Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, New York

Now Ms. Drucker brings her 1995 groundbreaking work into the 21st century. With the insight of the artist and the discernment of the art historian, Drucker details over 200 artworks, relating them to a variety of art movements of the last century and tracing their development in form and concept.

Second edition, illustrated, with a new preface by the author and an introduction by The New York Times senior art critic Holland Cotter. Book design by Brad Freeman, new cover design by Emily McVarish.


Trusky, Tom—Afterimage
Markovich, Kristine—Art Documentation
Spector, Buzz—Art Journal
Kranz—Bloomsbury Review
Paula Frosch—Century of Artists’ Books
To Figure Out What Is Happening: An Interview With Johanna Drucker

Johanna Drucker
Holland Cotter

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