Telephone, no. 11. 1975. Maureen Owen.

Telephone, no. 11. 1975.

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Saddle-stitched wrappers, 14 x 8.5 in. Cover by Joe Giordano. Printed at The Print Center, Inc., again acknowledging thanks to Larry Fagin for editorial assistance in collecting manuscripts.

Select contributors include: Bruce Andrews, Guy R. Beining, Alan Bernheimer, Rachelle Bijou, Joe Brainard, Larry Clark, Ray di Palma, Ed Friedman, James Gustafson, Gunner Harding translated by Anselm Hollo, Richard Harper, Avron Hoffman, Susan Howe, Joe Johnson, Ronald Koertge, Marsha Elaine Kash, Ruth Krauss, Lauren Owen, Patrick Owen, Bob Perelman, Erik Satie translated by Trevor Winkfield, Simon Schuchat, George Schwanz, Richard Snyder, Janet Sternburg, Rachel Towle, Jim Tracy, Charlie Vermont, François Villon translated by David Moe, and Barrett Watten.

With ominous epigraph by Adolf Hitler that reads in part: “Yes, danger from within, and without. We need law and order. Yes, without law and order our nation cannot survive. Elect us and we shall restore law and order” in Hamburg, Germany, 1932.

Shelf wear and soiling to covers, with rusting at staples and slight crease at upper left cover. A dampstain at top edge of text occurs throughout, though faint. Owen's mailing address within has been crossed out with black ink pen and stamped with new address. Very good in spite of flaws.

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