Telephone, no. 19. 1983. Maureen Owen.

Telephone, no. 19. 1983.

Item #2613

Perfect-bound wrappers, 10 ½ x 8 ¼ in. Front cover is described as a “visual language piece” from “Burning City” by Joel Lipman; back cover collage titled “Caution: Do Not Immerse in Champagne” by Jean Balderston. Other visual works within are by Dave Morice.

Includes a “Report on the Frank O’Hara House” by David Beaudouin, and multiple translations including: Paulo Veras translated by Clara Angelica, Kenji Miyazawa translated by Hiroaki Sato, La Fontaine translated by Bruce Boone and Robert Clück, and Philippe Soupault translated by Pat Nolan. 


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