Telephone, no. 19. 1983. Maureen Owen.

Telephone, no. 19. 1983.

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Perfect-bound wrappers, 10 ½ x 8 ¼ in. Front cover is described as a “visual language piece” from “Burning City” by Joel Lipman; back cover collage titled “Caution: Do Not Immerse in Champagne” by Jean Balderston. Other visual works within are by Dave Morice.

Includes a “Report on the Frank O’Hara House” by David Beaudouin, and multiple translations including: Paulo Veras translated by Clara Angelica, Kenji Miyazawa translated by Hiroaki Sato, La Fontaine translated by Bruce Boone and Robert Clück, and Philippe Soupault translated by Pat Nolan. 

Slight waviness at spine due to binding; else fine.

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