Harry Smith. Ed Sanders. Edward Sanders, A Bardic Glyph-Book. 2020.

Harry Smith.

Edward Sanders, A Bardic Glyph-Book, 2020. Item #2695

Unbound book in 69 pp., housed in a rigid set-up box with title page pasted on lid. Printed in full color. This Bardic Glyph-Book remembers Harry Smith (1923–1991), a collector, avant-garde filmmaker, artist, and occulist who was also known for compiling the influential Anthology of American Folk Music.

Sanders combines text, image, and glyphs to share memories of Smith, especially at the Peace Eye Bookstore and through Sanders' participation in The Fugs. Sanders and Smith met for the first time at Stanley's Bar in 1962, introduced by Doc Humes as "a magician I know." Smith appreciated the Eyes of Horus that Sanders "had painted on my white gym socks," but over the course of the evening threw a first edition of Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies into a urinal.

In addition to this fateful introduction, the book explores many aspects of their relationship, including Smith's advice for Sanders' exorcism of the Pentagon in 1967, Sanders' appreciation of string games, and Smith's memorial ceremony / Gnostic Mass within the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis). The book also includes photographs of Smith and his work, including holographs of drawings that Harry Smith (1923–1991) created directly on mimeograph stencils.

This is from an edition of 10 copies, numbered and signed by the author.

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