Home Planet News Archive. Enid Dame, Donald Lev. 1960s–2018.

Home Planet News Archive.

1960s–2018. Item #3150

Home Planet News [HPN] is one of the longest-running periodicals of its kind, as a literary and arts-focused tabloid that was dedicated to the alternative and independent scenes of New York City and beyond. As a rare example of literary community not associated with two heavyweight organizations at the time—St. Mark’s Poetry Project and the 92nd Street YMCA—HPN tells an important story about New York’s independent literary history from the 1970s onward.

Dame and Lev were the tabloid’s founding editors, and stewarded the project for the duration of their lives. In doing so, they became valued members of the New York City, upstate New York, and local Jewish poetry communities. They were also prolific writers in their own right, whose poetry and prose works were published by small presses such as Downtown Poets, Cross-Cultural Communications, Shivastan Press, Presa Press, and others.

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