Tzarad, no. 2. Oct. 1966. Lee Harwood.

Tzarad, no. 2. Oct. 1966.

Item #3600

Side-stapled. Cover photograph by Andy Warhol of Bob Dylan and Gerard Malanga. This is "a special New York issue" with Joe Brainard, George Barker, Willard Maas, Peter Ruppell, Charles Plymell, Kenward Elmslie, Barbara Guest, Ted Berrigan, Ted Berrigan and Dick Gallup, Bernadette Mayer, Peter Schjeldahl, Bernadette Mayer and Peter Schjeldahl, Lewis Warsh, Gerard Malanga, Joseph Ceravolo, Michael Benedikt, Kathleen Fraser, Allan Kaplan, Jack Anderson, and Timothy Baum. The editor notes that due to lack of funds only 250 copies of this issue were published. This may explain the relative scarcity of this item. Very good. The staples don't quite make it all the way through so the back cover and several pages are loose. There is evidence of moisture to part of lower right portion with some overall toning and handling (see photo).

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