Eat This! Tom Veitch. Angel Hair Books. 1974.

Eat This!

Angel Hair Books, 1974. Item #840

Perfect bound wrappers. Cover by Greg Irons. Veitch recalls: "I was living Spring 1971 in San Francisco in a large apartment in the Haight, very close to Golden Gate Park. Ted & Alice came to live with me and I started curating the series at Intersection Church in North Beach. I still missed being up north, and at one of the readings Evann Irons approached me and asked if I wanted to live in the upstairs apartment in a house where she and her husband Greg lived. 2 separate apartments, 2 separate entrances etc. It was on a street called la Calle de Ribera, literally a 3 minute walk to the ocean. Also on the same street Tom & Martha Veitch, and Greg and Tom were working on comic book collaborations. Greg was part of the post R. Crumb comic book world and had done record covers for the Jefferson Airplane, among others. It was a turning point for Tom, who stopped identifying as a poet/fiction writer and became a comic book writer. Greg was very quiet, and worked all day on his drawings." (Lewis Warsh email)

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