Time Samples. Alison Knowles. Granary Books. 2006.

Time Samples.

Granary Books, 2006. Item #GB_133

6 1/2 x 6 1/4 in., 33 pp., paper over boards, clamshell box.

“Taking the used silkscreens apart is the place to begin. This book is to be selected leavings plus used tools of the trade, the trade of art-making.”
–Alison Knowles, introduction to Time Samples

Each book contains 15 original “leavings”—6 1/4 in. squares of archival material derived primarily from the artist’s studio. In Knowles’s words, Time Samples starts with a “green china silk remnant bought to act as a sun shield over the skylight” and ends with “mostly small sun-printed items like spoons and nails used to test the shade of blue possible to get, given the decay of light after its zenith at noon.” In between are cut-ups, litho film, “red lentil embedments in flax,” silkscreen fragments, “live body prints,” “iron-on color Xeroxes of objects,” and much more. Opposite each element is an identifying caption, as well as a section from the text “Writing Red,” a written performance of the 1962 Fluxus event score: “Celebration Red: Celebrate every red thing.” Text and material images are here plucked from the residue of a life in art. As Alison Knowles points out in the introduction, “The irony is that fragments and leftovers, sampled by time itself, take on a new life.”

The work is held together and presented within an ingenious modified accordion structure, designed and produced by Katherine Kuehn, which allows Time Samples to operate as a book while also offering the possibility of being unfolded (to over 5 ft.) and mounted vertically with all of the samples visible. The typography is by Anne Noonan and Steve Clay. The book was printed at Soho Letterpress, with binding by Judith Ivry in cloth-covered boxes by Portfoliobox, Inc. This is from an edition of 45 copies. Out-of-print.


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